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  • Tightrope Walking, C-19 & Barn Etiquette

    Covid-19 is forcing us to adjust and adapt, and we're all walking that tightrope as we figure it out. Making solid adoption matches is a huge source of joy for us. While we've dialed our
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  • Big News: Energy Independence

    Powered by the Sun! Big News: We're producing our own electricity now. Our new 'puppy' - this big fat solar battery - just got plugged in after Covid-19 made us wait. Isn't she a beauty?
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  • #GivingTuesdayNow Fundraising Ask During Covid-19

    Our Response to Covid-19 Needs We've been blessed with the help of motivated volunteer helpers, generous veterinarians and this supportive, always encouraging community. BR's credit card has been smokin' as we respond to community needs,
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  • Helper Connect. To support our neighbors.

      It's okay to ask. It's good to give. Some weeks ago, animal shelters were understandably concerned that illnesses resulting from Covid19 would result in a massive influx of surrendered pets. Thankfully that scenario hasn't
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  • The here and now: Locked down but moving forward.

    Needless to say, tough times. Saturday Pit Ed classes have been delayed until April. We'll announce when it seems safe to come out of hiding and do class again. If you're having behavior issues with
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  • Denver dog owners: The revised 'Pit Bull Ordinance' threatens your rights

    UPDATE: The ordinance to replace Denver's breed ban with restrictions (mandatory spay/neuter, arbitrary inspections among other items) PASSED the City Council's vote on February 10, but was vetoed by City Mayor Hancock on February 14. An
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  • The New Calendar is Here!

    Ready or not, 2020 is here! Celebrating a year's worth of Rescue Barn graduates. Your purchase helps us get ready for 2020's faces. Thank you! LINK to BUY

  • The gift of stability / Another bus finds its home

    ## Full News Release ## Bus Love! We're happy to report that we matched another transit bus to a new owner. This time, to a deserving nonprofit that's bringing a schooling alternative to a special group
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  • 48 Survivors of the Vick Dog Case

    The Washington Post did some excellent research to 'find' all the rescued dogs from the Vick case and honor them with this spread sheet, published September 22, 2019. Please note that they omitted 'Rose' from their original tally. We've
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  • A Bus Homes for James & his dogs / Gallery

    Meet James! one of the nicest guys with some of the happiest dogs you can hope to know. He just received a Bus Home, donated to him courtesy of BR's Keep'em Home work with displaced Camp Fire
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