The here and now: Locked down but moving forward.

Needless to say, tough times.


Saturday Pit Ed classes have been delayed until April. We’ll announce when it seems safe to come out of hiding and do class again. If you’re having behavior issues with your dog, give us a try and if we can’t help via a phone consult, we’ll send you to our best resources. 

Operations at the Rescue Barn have slowed but not stopped. We’ve been doing a limited number of adoption matches with a hundred safety precautions in place to protect everyone. With our area animal shelters in shut-down mode, work to help local dogs owners who are in crisis is ongoing and has taken on new importance. Thank dog for the internet!

Photo: Bootsy is keeping us distracted with an endless game of fetch. She is available for adoption or foster.

Some shelters have put their adoption programs on full stop (Contra Costa Animal Services, San Jose Animal Services, Oakland Animal Services, Marin Humane Society). Others are doing a limited number of appointment-only adoptions and rescue transfers (Hayward Animal Services, North Bay Animal Services). 

Keep’Em Home Program. We’re working as best we can to bring resources to our most under resourced neighbors during this time. Just as we did after the Camp Fire, food cards have been key to helping families keep their pets. If you have extra funds to donate, this is where they’ll be used at this time. We’re also working with a representative of the Lifelong East Oakland Medical Project to identify vulnerable and food insecure clients from their The Adult Asthma Project.  

Whole Foods has been a favorite resource, offering gift cards that we can transfer quickly and safely by text. We’re grateful for Oakland’s store, which offers health-compromised neighbors early access to the freshly sanitized store (8-9am) before the regular public comes to shop. 

Vet Care Help

VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital has set protocols into place for vet appointments: LINK

Well Pet Vet Clinic has indicated that spay/neuter appts will continue with only one client allowed in the lobby at a time. If you’ve requested a donated surgery and haven’t heard back from us, feel free to reach out, and if you want to use this down time to get that done – please do! Request form HERE

Many pet food stores are still open. Call ahead to your favorite store to learn if they have new hours. Pet Food Express is fabulous and is offering a delivery or buy-online-pick-up in-store service to help with minimal contact. LINK

Need help? Reach out. We’re here. 

While we all hunker down and self quarantine, let’s work on prying ourselves away from news sites as much as we’re able and soak up some of this fantastic spring air with our dogs. It’s a scary time, but we have the best mental health experts of all time right at our ankles – and she probably wants you to go for another walk right about now. 

Be well! 



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