Tightrope Walking, C-19 & Barn Etiquette

tightropeCovid-19 is forcing us to adjust and adapt, and we’re all walking that tightrope as we figure it out. Making solid adoption matches is a huge source of joy for us. While we’ve dialed our interactions with the public down quite a bit, we’re inventing ways to brave forward and show dogs while keeping everybody safe and healthy during Rescue Barn visits. Thanks for playing along as we keep this part of the new normal going strong.

Rules, Rules and (mostly) Basic Etiquette

Mask up. Meetings are always held outdoors, and we ask that all visitors come in the yard with masks on and stay very aware of keeping at least a 6′ distance from anyone in our crew. In some cases, we’re cool with removing masks to chat more easily, but only when we’re at least 15′ apart.

Water works. You’re welcome to touch the dogs and we have an outdoor wash station for cleaning up and sanitizer, too. Our preference is to avoid offering our bathroom unless of course you’re having an emergency. (There’s also a Shell station just down the hill from the Barn at Golf Links and 580.)

Barn tour? We may invite you inside the Barn to see how the dogs’ kennels are set up. If we do, we appreciate if you keep your peek inside brief and – you know the drill – avoid touching stuff. 

Making matches. For many of our dogs, and while our group training classes are on hold, households with dog experience will get preference over first timers. We still offer basic handling and obedience lessons at the Barn, but it’s not the same as seeing adopters every Saturday (wah!)

Your yard. We love when people send photos of their yards, fences and gates before their visits. Way to think ahead! In some cases, with that hoop jumped, we may send a dog home with you for keeps during our meeting.

Consensus saves time. Before your visit, we ask that households with multiple parties have a good sit-down discussion to compare notes on what you’re looking for in a dog. What family members like and don’t like in dogs can vary widely. To save everybody time, it’s always best to sort this out before your visit. 

Include us! Let us know in advance if you have any strong opinions about dogs in your household or if you’re window shopping several dogs so we can know where you stand with your adoption search. If you’re ‘just looking’ and want to use our visit as a way to comparison shop, we’d love to know that too.

Speed dating: Visits with each individual dog are, ideally, limited to 20 minutes. We’re happy to extend that if you feel very serious about a dog – Just ask for more time. We’re easy!

Undecided? If we sense that you’re on the fence about a dog, we may suggest ending the meeting and scheduling a second visit after you have a chance to sleep on this decision a bit.

We’re brutally honest. And we’ll never try to push a dog on you that isn’t right. After 22 years of working with dogs and placing them with families, we’re really good at making matches. Thank you for using us as a sounding board and hearing us out when we offer our feedback. 

Tools of the trade: If you’re signing paperwork during your visit (Yay!) we’d love it if you can use your own pen, and if you’re coming to collect a new dog, remember your leash. We’ll send him or her home in a collar with tags.

Thank you. We appreciate working with so many thoughtful and conscientious humans during this crazy time!



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