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  • Earth Day at the Rescue Barn

    Earth Day! Bring your garden gloves and help us spiff up the Rescue Barn for the dogs and native wildlife that shares this space with us. We'll be planting pollinator plants, creating more habitat for native
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  • A eulogy for Uba

    Uba's life and resilience. Lessons for troubled times Tim Racer recorded a 5min eulogy for Uba, who died end of 2021 - one the last surviving dogs rescued from M. Vick's dog fighting operation. As one
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  • Introducing Blocky Bob: a Dog Toy with a Mission

    Blocky Bob HELLO! We're excited to introduce you to 'Blocky Bob,' a proud new member of Huggle Hounds #HuggleCause program. Bob is a dog toy and was created to spread the good word about his
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  • Frodo: The Little Engine Who Could

    Frodo the Brave. 2007-2021 Video: Frodo's first friend (Penny) after arriving in CA. Bad Newz Kennels survivor Frodo didn't earn any fancy titles during his 15yrs on this planet, but he's probably one of the
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  • A Rainy Day Fund for Bay Area Vet Staff

    For Vet Staff with committed clients who need a little support For SF Bay Area veterinary staff with clients who are struggling to afford life giving services for their dogs. We love working with vet
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  • An Offer: Housing Opportunity for Dog Owners in Need

    A Special Keep'Em Home Disaster Response Project Shorty Buses as temporary homes. We've received a number of retired transit buses and because they're in such excellent shape, we're matching them with qualified dog owners who are
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  • Love in a Parking Lot

    Senior Milestone Dogs Reunite Early this summer, five elder dogs and their people gave our soon-to-be-developed Pit Ed Class training grounds the very best send-off. Set next to the waterfront in West Berkeley for
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  • Morning Dog Care / ISO Fall Intern

    Work that dog! / Now accepting apps for FALL INTERN SUMMER INTERN POSITION FILLED. Thank you! Now accepting applications for FALL INTERN starting late August, early September. Seeking an intern to work with BR's Rescue
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  • 2021, what took you so long?

    Dog help us, we made it.  Push off, 2020. There's not much more anyone can say, right? It's over. We hope you had a good ritual for putting this year to rest, once and for
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  • Animal Culture: Finding Hope

    A focus on what's right in our world. This past spring, the creators of Animal Culture Magazine approached us with an idea. They wanted to create an issue that offered hope during difficult times.
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