#GivingTuesdayNow Fundraising Ask During Covid-19


Our Response to Covid-19 Needs

We’ve been blessed with the help of motivated volunteer helpers, generous veterinarians and this supportive, always encouraging community. BR’s credit card has been smokin’ as we respond to community needs, so we’re asking for a little help and joining the May 5th #GivingTuesdayNow push for funds. During this crisis, BADRAP and our helpers are:

? Working directly with pet families who face extreme hardship and offering pet food, groceries, basic problem solving and in some cases, emergency grants. Much but not all of this work is being routed through our signup site. badrapconnect.org

? We’ve secured a large pet food donation for distribution (thank you Pet Food Express), and have been working with local partners to build an extensive pet pantry resource list, now expanding that list to include human needs. Please share this page! Pet Food Pantry LIST

? We donated the Nut Truck’s PPE gear to front line workers in East Oakland and are purchasing groceries for some of their medically vulnerable patients.

? We’re problem solving to help pet owners secure safe housing and helping with rent and security deposit, as appropriate. (Just this weekend, one of our families got her new keys!)

? With the SIP came a shut down of most spay/neuter clinics, so we’ve been sending a higher number of out of county, low/no income dog owners to our veterinary partners for SN and covering most if not all of their costs, depending on their situation.

? Emergency vet care needs have created some of our biggest bills, and we’re committed to saying ‘Yes’ to dog owners who have no other options. This need has hit our pocket book the hardest, but veterinary partners have been fantastic about reducing costs where they can.

? Finally, although our rescue work has slowed, we’re accepting a limited number of dogs from shelters that are not doing public adoptions and from dog owners who have to let go. We’re over the moon with the wonderful adoption matches that have resulted!

This crisis is putting us all to the test, but the Village is STRONG. Thank you for powering up the love in such tangible, life saving ways.

DONATE HERE Thank you!

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