Planned Giving

Thinking About a Planned Gift to BADRAP?

Thank you. Giving a planned gift helps to create wonderful opportunities for BADRAP to further our mission of securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.  As a non-proft organization, we could not have reached the milestones we have today or seen the successes without your continued support.

giftAn Attorney’s Help: If you are thinking about giving a planned gift to BADRAP, please consult a reputable attorney who is knowledgable in drafting instruments regarding testamentary gifts.  A professionally written will protects you and your family, and ensures that your gifts are properly recorded pursuant to your intentions.  If you already have a will, you may want to ask your attorney to add a codicil to your existing will so you don’t have to create another one.  Your attorney will also be able to craft your gift depending on your circumstances and can explain in more detail the different types of gifts that are available to include in your bequest.

For example, the most common planned gift is a bequest through a will.  Such bequests name BADRAP as a beneficiary in the will and, in general, can be specific, residual, or contingent.  A specific bequest is a certain and particular dollar amount, property, or percentage of your estate.  A residual bequest includes the remainder of the estate after all debts, fees, and specific devises are paid out.  A contingent bequest is one in which the gift is given only under certain circumstances; for example, the donor names BAD RAP as a beneficiary only if there are no surviving family members.

PROGRAM SUPPORT – If you are particularly interested or supportive of one of BAD RAP’s programs, you may devise your gift to be designated for that specific program.  Some examples are:  spay/neuter funds, foster home program, funds for cruelty victim cases, or Pit Ed classes.  If you decide to choose this route, to ensure your gift does not lapse, please consider adding another sentence allowing BAD RAP to use the income for other purposes that would most closely carry out your wishes should circumstances arise that make giving to your selected program impractical.

SAMPLE LANQUAGE:  I give and bequeath to BADRAP, a non-profit organization, located at P.O. Box 27005, Oakland, California  94602-0005, the sum of $___, for its general purposes (or, if specific purpose, name the specific purpose).

EIN # 94-339-7172

If you have a particular program that you would like your gift to go to but don’t know what to call it, or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact CFO Tim Racer and he will help you sort it out.

Sincere thanks from all of us for helping this work continue into the future!

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