DNA & Blocky Dogs / Test Results

Recent advances in DNA testing are shifting the conversation about the dogs we see in our city shelters yet again. A surprising number of adopted dogs labeled as ‘Mixed Breed’ or ‘Pit Mix’ by their shelters tested through Embark are coming back as purebred American Pit Bull Terriers. Just as surprising, we’re starting to see dogs with neatly divided American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier markers in their breed make-up. How is that possible? Embark explains:

‘We distinguish these two closely related breeds by collecting diverse purebred reference samples for both of them and seeing which of the two is a closer genetic match to and sometimes, in the case of mixes, the answer is both.” – Embark

For a closer look at the ‘What’s a Pit Bull?’ debate, please read our recent BLOG POST.

ABOVE: This is just a small sampling of shelter dogs from around the country who’ve been DNA tested by their adopters through Embark, with more to come. What does it all mean? Not sure yet, but it’s fun to be challenged with new and better info.
With thanks to those participating adopters who were kind enough to share their dog’s results. Please keep’em comin!

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