Advice from Roommates: Sharing Spaces with Multi-Pets

SAGE ADVICE for MULTI-PET HOMES. We surveyed 92 pet owners to learn how they work with their housemates to keep the peace between all their animals. This is some of what they told us:


houseCommunications are smoother when we put things in writing. To make your shared housing situation a win-win for everybody, consider creating a contract with your house mate(s) that spells out:
  • What pets are allowed in the home.
  • Who can have access to the pets when their owner is out, and what can they do with the pets (let outside of crate? feed? exercise in home? public walks? supervised play sessions with other animals?)
  • Agreements for cleaning the house, yard, litter box, etc.
  • Agreements for use of baby gates, crates, yard use.
  • How property damages caused by pets will be handled.
  • How veterinary costs will be covered if pets cause injury to other pets.
There are several online templates that allow you to build a contract with your house mates that fits everybody’s needs.


Link to our video series on making multi-pet households work.
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