Helper Connect. To support our neighbors.



It’s okay to ask. It’s good to give.

Some weeks ago, animal shelters were understandably concerned that illnesses resulting from Covid19 would result in a massive influx of surrendered pets. Thankfully that scenario hasn’t played out.

Food insecurity and general anxiety about paying the bills, though – This has snuck its way in our current times in unprecedented ways and brings a new threat to families and their pets. Unfortunately many pet food pantries have shuttered and food banks are having a hard time meeting the need. Low cost spay/neuter clinics have also shuttered. Chatting with out of work pet owners over the past month has been sobering. People are scared.

In the interest of reaching a larger number of families so they can stay committed to their pets, we’ve set up a matching system so helpers with time and interest can ‘adopt’ individuals or families and help see them through. Whether it’s to help someone with a bag of kibble, point them to an affordable grocery source, or help them find a veterinarian for emergencies including spay/neuter surgeries – The smallest bit of help can make a substantial shift in someone’s ability to get to the other side of this crisis.

This is an anyone, anywhere initiative. Not just Pit Bulls and not just the Bay Area. The power of the Internet is mighty.

Take a look at the site to see if it might be a good match for your time and interests. You’re also very welcome to use it if you have need, and/or share it to others, including and especially our neighbors who might be having a hard time getting by.

Thank you. Together, we can move mountains and keep each other safe. ❤️

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