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Earth Day! Bring your garden gloves and help us spiff up the Rescue Barn for the dogs and native wildlife that shares this space
Tim Racer recorded a 5min eulogy for Uba, and in it, he explores the meaning of resilience and how this little dog learned to embody it. 
We're SO EXCITED to introduce you to 'Blocky Bob,' a proud new member of Huggle Hounds #HuggleCause program. Bob is a dog toy and was created to…
For SF Bay Area veterinary staff with clients who are struggling to afford life giving services for their dogs.
To assist displaced dog owners during CA's housing shortage, BADRAP is offering a limited number of 2011 Ford E450 vans - 'Shorty Buses' - to…
Early this summer, five elder dogs and their people gave our soon-to-be-developed Pit Ed Class training grounds the very best send-off. Here are…
Seeking to fill intern position at the Rescue Barn.
2021 - Dog help us, we made it. Here are few bits of stubborn hope that helped us keep our eyes on the road during the most difficult parts of 2020.