Introducing Blocky Bob: a Dog Toy with a Mission

lBlocky Bob

HELLO! We’re excited to introduce you to ‘Blocky Bob,’ a proud new member of Huggle Hounds #HuggleCause program. Bob is a dog toy and was created to spread the good word about his fellow Blocky Dogs.

Get yours here: BLOCKY BOB

His message, attached to each toy that finds its way into the world:

“Howdy. I’m Blocky Bob and I’m here to represent! My cousins and I are All American Dogs. We get labeled with funny names like Pit Bull, Bullydog, Half-Pit, NotaPit, Mixed Breed. What does it all mean? We’re individuals and we’re as different as you and your cousins are, but most of us have these handsome blocky heads.

Sometimes people try to bully us, but we know it’s because they don’t know about our super powers. We came here to show the humans how to treat everyone with kindness, no matter what they look like.

The next time you see a dog with a blocky head walking down the street with their person, give them both a wave and a smile. You’ll make their day and you’ll get the biggest smile right back!”

Part of the proceeds of Bob’s mission will help us do our work. Thank you HuggleHounds!

Who is HuggleHounds? They’re long-time supporters of inspiring organizations and believe in the power of amplifying causes important to our community. Through their #HuggleCause program, their products drive awareness of a chosen non-profit’s work and through that initiative, raise awareness and direct a portion of proceeds from the sale of that item to the non-profit. They help amplify efforts and further drive awareness through social media. To date, their program has supported Warrior Canine, House with a, VCA,, and The Humane Rescue – work that has been rewarding in a multitude of ways. 


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