Happy 2019! Year End Recap

Good-Bye 2018

It was a busy year, with numerous challenges and opportunities. You helped us power our programs forward, whether you gave volunteer hours, donations or just good vibes and general support. See our update in video form below.

Key Highlights from 2018:

A new way to help our community. In partnership with the Oakland Unified School District and Rudsdale High School, we developed the ‘Newcomers Program‘ for young adults from Central America who are seeking political asylum. The goal of the program is to offer job skills and in many cases, personal confidence as they struggle with getting acclimated to their new home. Our rescued dogs really benefitted from their care and devotion.

Dog Owner Support. Our Keep’Em Home program took on some bigger cases (Stories HERE). We’ve been especially grateful to have a way to help dogs owners displaced by the Camp Fire in Butte County (Link HERE). We expect this work to be ongoing for many months.

Extending our outreach: We started bringing ‘Nut Truck’ help to the under resourced City of Richmond, CA with two larger Owner Support events. And we enjoyed creating a show of Kathy’s Kinnear’s photos in the same space where we greeted residents with their dogs for services.

graceWe said sad good-byes to the wonderful ‘Vick dog’ Grace in 2018 (right). We worked with the best local volunteer handlers and new adopters each week to train dozens of dogs from Berkeley Animal Care Services, and we celebrated CGC stars. We made contact with lawmakers in the UK as they explore ways to dismantle their Breed Specific Laws.

We kept the Rescue Barn rocking with great dogs and enjoyed welcoming many into our family of adopters. The tradition continues with: BADRAP 2019 Rescue Barn Calendar.

Our daily/weekly updates continue on our Facebook Page, and we also pumped up our Instagram efforts and Blog entries for those who’ve retired their FB pages.


2019 is BADRAP’s 20 Year Anniversary – Twenty! We plan to celebrate big at the Rescue Barn. Stay alert for those details.

Thank you for all you do to support this work. We look forward to partnering with you in upcoming months for more heart bending, life changing work.

Donna Reynolds

Director BADRAP

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