Off-Grid Bus Home Tour


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Emergency Housing. Tammy Mezera and her pup Nel survived the Camp Fire (their story) and were initially matched with one of the Bus Homes converted by our crew into comfortable and temporary living spaces for displaced dog owners. She was very involved in the planning and design of this unit and included some special features.


nelOff Grid Comforts

The Bus Home is solarized with panels on the roof to run a fridge, lights, a water pump and small appliances without hooking up to local utilities.

Tammy’s dog Nel has been with her since before the fire and is the reason we connected for this emergency housing need. She would like to find more permanent housing once she’s saved up enough to secure an apartment, but for now, this is home. UPDATE: Need filled! The safety net created by finding some stability allowed Tammy to gather some steam and hopscotch from Bus Life to a full time job and a dog friendly home in Fort Bragg.

Photo below: This Bus includes a stock tank that serves as a table base, a spot for storage and also a bath tub.



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