Free Printable Handouts

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1. POPULAR: 'A New Dog in the House'

new dog









A guideline for designing a smooth transition of new adopted dogs into your household and routine. We swear by it. NEW DOG  

2. Also, read up on TIE DOWNS! (photo) - a great training and management tool. You need one in your house. Maybe two or three!

hand outWritten by Landlords

How to land a dog friendly rental. 

Two Large Print-Quality PDFs: 1. Pet Resume Ingredients 2. Home Search Strategies 

And, two smaller JPGs for social media posts:  1. Pet Resume Ingredients 2Home Search Strategies 

dog parks

Dog-on-Dog Aggression 

What the Vick dogs taught us about dog/dog aggression in the real world: PDF HAND OUT

Dog Parks

A short, informative article for dog owners of every breed outlining ways to keep your dog safe and well socialized. PDF HAND OUT

treat meFREE! Kennel Enrichment Graphics for Animal Shelters

Download, Print, Trim, Laminate and attach to treat buckets at your kennels to remind staff and volunteers to encourage good kennel manners. DOWNLOADABLE PDF 

Prefer to purchase ready-made stickers? No problem! 

Buy: 'Ask Me to Sit' or 'Reward Me for Quiet' Stickers