Pit Ed Camps

A Training Camp for Animal Care Workers who want more

We offer a busy, three day intensive for shelter staff and rescue workers hoping to gain an insider’s view of programs that benefit the dogs and the community. Participants work with the public and a large variety of dogs under the guidance of BAD RAP staff and volunteers. Evenings allow for sightseeing in the SF Bay Area.


  • Dog Owner Support Work. Organizing and executing a successful event. Attendees participate in a clinic in an under-served community to set up, help register clients and discuss their needs, prep dogs for spay/neuter surgeries, counsel homes with behavior/training help, manage the flow and problem solve to give attendees the best experience possible. More info on BADRAP’s public outreach work.
  • Public Training Classes. Participate in BAD RAP’s award winning training class and learn how to set up a similar program at home.
  • Dog Tolerance Levels and Socializing. Reading body language and monitoring play styles
  • Working with Drive. Important rile/recovery work for energetic dogs
  • Housing dogs. Effective strategies to manage multi-dogs and reduce kennel stress
  • Language for discussing ‘pit bulls’ and issues that affect the dogs
  • Creating successful adoption matches and attracting skilled volunteer support


Groups are small (3-5 people) to provide a quality experience for all. We are 20 minutes from the Oakland Intern’l Airport and 40 minutes from the San Francisco Intern’l Airport.

We typically start on a Thursday evening with a get to know you dinner and stay very busy until Sunday evening. Because this is a working camp, attendees can expect to be both tired and very inspired by the end of the whirlwind weekend.

Participants have the option of staying on-site in BADRAP’s guest cabin and participating in the daily care of the dogs in exchange for free housing.

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