Info About Our Upcoming Health Clinic


Details for our upcoming Dog Owner Support Clinic at Rudsdale High in Oakland are in the flyer below.
Important: If you haven't already, you must first REGISTER HERE and then, RECEIVE CONFIRMATION (by email or text) in order to get a spot at this event.

Below the flyer is a FAQ to help you know what to expect on Sunday Sept 15. Thank you!

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Pit bulls (ie 'Blocky headed dogs') get priority for spay/neuter surgeries. We use a webform to track requests and we send confirmation by email when we're getting ready to do another event.

Q: How do I request a spay/neuter surgery for my dog?

Request form HERE.

If you learned about the event last minute and didn't have time to fill out the form, you can still come and wait to see if we have cancellations. Please be aware that supplies and surgeries are limited and we do not operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Keep your eye on your email account, because that's how we'll contact you to learn if you want a spot on our roster for the day. If we email you but don't receive a reply, we'll assume you no longer need a spay/neuter and may delete your request. If you don't hear back from us, you can text us for an update.

BADRAP (Text Only): 510-414-6461

Q: What else do you offer?  Vaccines (DHPP and Rabies), microchips, Pet ID tags, training help, nail trimming on request, problem solving for challenges you may be facing such as behavior issues at home, dealing with problematic neighbors or a Landlord, finding new housing. Try us. We've been working with pit bulls and other dogs for 20 years and we're big time problem solvers. Let us see if we can help you figure something out.

Q: What should I bring? Bring your dog on a good leash and a collar that fits. If you don't have one, or if its too loose, let us know when you pull up and we'll set you up. Bring your dog's vaccine history if you have it, especially proof of Rabies. If you don't have it or if your dog isn't up to date, our veterinarian will update him at the event.

IMPORTANT: All dogs must stay at least 6' away from other dogs. No exceptions. If your dog is hard to handle around other dogs - No worries. Just let us know and we'll help you find a comfortable spot to wait. Also, if your dog doesn't like strangers, let us know that too so we can help you make this a less-stressful day for him and for you, too.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Fast your dog. No breakfast.

infoQ: How long will surgery take?

A spay surgery takes between 20-40 minutes, and a neuter takes about 10 minutes. However! Pre-op and recovery times vary for each dog and, just as with people, every dog responds differently to anesthesia. We do not operate on a first-come-first-serve basis - The veterinarians doing surgeries decide in what order surgeries happen. In general, expect to be with us for most of the day.

Q: Do I stay with my dog or do I leave him with you?

You're welcome to do either. Most people choose to sit with their dog during the wait and can hold them while the vet staff sedates them before surgery. If you plan to stay, you might want to bring a lunch. If you decide to drop off your dog after you fill out your paperwork, we'll call you once they are awake after surgery. We ask that you're no more than 20 minutes away from the event so that you can pick up your dog in a timely manner. 

Q: Can someone other than me drop off my dog?

Yes! We just need to know in advance so we can email you a registration form to fill out and send with the person bringing your dog. In order to do the surgery, we must have consent from the dog’s owner, so it's important you fill out the paperwork and sign the forms. We still need the dog there at 10:00am for surgery registration, and we ask that whoever is picking up the dog be no more than 20 minutes away so that the dog can be picked up in timely manner. (We will call once the dog is awake and ready to go.)

Q: Will my dog be in pain after surgery?

Pain meds! Your dog will go home with some, so don't worry. Young dogs especially show little or no signs of discomfort post-surgery, although as the incision heals, it can be quite itchy. For that reason, we'll also send you home with a plastic cone and we'll ask you to keep it on your dog for 7-10 days to stop your dog from chewing or licking the surgery site (which can lead to infection).

You'll also want to prepare a clean, quiet place for your dog to rest up once you get him home. Indoors is best. And always away from other pets and children too, so he isn't bothered or tempted to start playing too soon.

Some dogs go home with staples instead of dissolvable sutures, especially young, rowdy dogs. We'll let you know before you go home if your dog received staples so we can plan a time to take them out in two weeks. Taking them out takes less than five minutes.

Q: What is the cost?

We know spay/neuter surgeries can be pricey, which is one of the reasons we do these events. Our events offer spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, microchips, and training BADRAP on a pay-what-you-can basis. No proof-of-income required, no questions asked. What can you afford? Whether $5 or $500, every donation helps. We're a nonprofit organization, so rely on support from both those who receive services and those who want to help others receive services.

Q: My dog is in heat. Is that a problem?

Nope. Spaying females in heat is not a problem. Our vet staff is happy to talk with you about what to expect if this is the case with your dog. (By they way, thank you for bringing her to us before you have an unintended litter from that heat cycle!)

Q: I don't have a pit bull. Can I still sign up for spay/neuter surgery?

Since we're pit bull advocacy group, pit bull and pit bull mixes get priority. We also do our best to fit in one or more German Shepherds or Huskies if we have room. If you have a dog other than a pit bull, you're welcome to come to the event and wait and see if there is no-show or an open slot.

Also, check this link for other groups who can help you, especially if you have a small dog: SPAY/NEUTER HELP.

Q: Will someone be there who can speak Spanish?

Sí! We try to have volunteers who speak Spanish at every event. ¡Amamos a nuestros amigos que hablan español!