The Rescue Barn

The Rescue Barn

This space was designed to serve as a modest but comfortable home for homeless dogs in crisis as well as a working classroom for adopters, shelter staff and rescue workers. The dogs stay in a structured, homelike setting for a few days or several months, and depending on what they need from us, rest, heal and recover before moving onto adopted families. In some cases, dog with severe medical or behavior challenges stay here as a gentle ending to a difficult life.  (Read aboutCompassion Cases)

The barn, as described by Missy Seu for The Coastal Canine Magazine:

The facility sits on a half acre in the Oakland hills. The main structure is a “barn,” unlike any other. It is configured with indoor kennels. Each one has a comfortable homelike setting complete with overstuffed chairs, as well as an outdoor hatch. All indoor kennels also have windows letting in natural light so the dogs can look out each morning to see the sunrise. In addition, the windows provide a warm patch of sunlight to nap in at least once a day. There are also five outdoor dog runs. The large exercise area on the property includes agility equipment to add an extra dimension to playtime. Link to ARTICLE. To see the full photo spreads detailing the barn's features: FLIPBOOK (Page 18-21)

More inside scoop from a dedicated blogger. Love & a Six Foot Leash.

Interested in volunteering with us?

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Consider signing up as a shelter volunteer with Berkeley Animal Care Services to gain necessary skills in BADRAP's Pit Ed class.

We hold orientations for Barn Crew prospectives 2-3 times a year. Applicants are usually contacted within the same season that you submit your request for an invitation to our next orientation at the Barn.

If you want to jumpstart this process, we encourage you to join us at Berkeley's weekend Pit Ed classes to learn favorite techniques for helping (shelter) diamonds in the rough get ready for adoption. Our very best dog handlers and team members start out this way. Going through Berkeley Animal Care Service's orientation is quick and easy, and lines you right up to be a Pit Ed handler with our crew on weekend mornings. More info on BACS' volunteers and orientation dates: HERE.