Zoozy Girl / Adopted!

What a delightful creature. She’s about 1yo and on the surface, looks to be a Husky mixed with one or more other breed types. She’s polite and oh-so petite (small breed mix maybe? we can only guess). When she gets excited, she bounces around like a little deer.

Because it seems she’s likely been part of a dog pack in one form or another most if not all of her life (in her former home and then the animal shelter), she’s got the very best dog-skills. We’d be happy placing her in a new home with just about any dog or dogs.

We’d like to see her get more comfortable with people, too. She likes people a lot and she’s very curious about ways to engage, she just needs a little more practice to learn how to fit in. That will be a rewarding job of ‘self-discovery’ that will start here at the Rescue Barn and continue with her new home.

Keep your eye on our social media to watch her enjoy her time here, and send an email to request an application. Thank you.

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