Scooby: Adopted



Hound-ish. Bulldoggish. Pit bull-ish. What is he? It's a mystery.

Whatever breed types went into the genetic blender to make Scooby created a world class clown - a GOOF! He's a leggy thing and has earned our adoration for comic relief and dorky moves during play sessions. Curious, active, silly and social, He gets along great with other dogs and is highly affectionate with people (Imagine this lug on your lap. Yep.)


Circus Tricks! Scooby can float through a hula hoop and balance on a tiny stool. He's can also snuggle tight and keep laps warm during downtime on the sofa.

- He's a good bet for someone who has an active dog that needs a fun buddy to pal around with. Hint: Our huskies think he's the best party on earth.
- Great for a home with a big appetite for dog-centered adventures. Think: Circus Dog Class. You'd be the Star. 

Let us know if you have any questions about this guy. We love to talk about the Scoobs. 

The Scoobs!