Salvador Therapy Star


Sal showed up as a limping, street weary stray in Oakland, and found a quick spot in our Ambassadog Program. As luck would have it, he appeared just as Jackie was starting her search for a four legged partner for therapy work. Kismet! He’s a special guy and his adopter is one special lady. She’s devoted herself to improving the lives of people through therapy dogs and helps direct the Pet Partners so the amazing gifts of therapy dogs can be shared around the country. She and Sal just served as one of ten teams in Sacramento allowed into UCD Medical Center Hospital.

Sal was known for his ability to “work a room” says Jackie, and for “smiling at everyone, snuffing and snuggling with people who ask, happy to be hugged and kissed, and standing very still on his stool so that neuro-rehab clients could touch him.” What a guy.

Salvador died of natural causes in 2017. Rest in Power, sweet boy!

Vintage! Salvador's Adopt Me Video

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