rRocco: “Life is my Pizza Pie!”

ADOPTION PENDING. Three year old Rocco has been thrilled to find loads of tennis balls at the Rescue Barn. Chasing them is pretty darn fun, but so is laying around and chew chew chewing on them. He’s a simple guy, in other words.

Rocco was much loved his whole life in a big family full of kids, and expects everyone to treat him like a Prince. Sadly, he lost his family to the housing shortage. He’s able to bond quickly to new people, so is adapting well to the changes. He’s a little bit overweight from a life of spoiling, and we look forward to seeing how handsome he’ll be when he trims down.

He’s house trained and likes his crate. He’s lived with other dogs including a small dog. Cats in his opinion are for chasing, however. He has decent manners (‘Sit’ ‘Look’) but wants to pull freight train hard. We’ll get him started with new leash manners, but since our classes are on hold during Covidgeddon, we’re going to be limiting adoption interest to those homes who’ve had some experience with stronger dogs. No dog parks, either. Here’s why.

Please send us a note with a few words about what your looking for in a dog, and we’ll respond with an appllcation. Thank you!

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