Pharo / Puppy

Adoption pending

pADOPTION PENDING / This pup – yes PUPPY! – was born end of November 2019. At close to six months old now, he’s telling us he’s going to be a very big boy. 

He’s likely a mix of German Shepherd and somebody else. Possibly Rottie? It’s hard to know without DNA results, but we would not be far off to predict he’ll be 100lbs+ when full grown.

Pharo is sensitive and sometimes needy in the way that puppies this age can be. He’s learning to tell us when he wants something by giving us a nice ‘Sit’ and eye contact. He’s kenneled for several hours a day in the Rescue Barn and has been learning that alone time is A-Okay. His new home will need to continue these ‘separation skills’ so he can be self sufficient when it’s time to be alone.

He’s very neat and clean and has been using a doggy door to go potty like a good boy. 

His play style with other dogs is a little slam-dunk dorky, but he’s learning. He promises to be someone’s faithful protector and good humored sidekick for life. 

Please tell us a little bit about your situation and if it sounds like we’re on track with him being a good fit, we’ll swing you an application for more of those good details. Thank you!

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