Norton: American Bulldog Mix

ADOPTED / This big pup (7-8mos) is all legs and party. He’s affectionate, rowdy, confident and HILARIOUS. 

He’s made a few dog friends here and would enjoy living with a well matched dogs friend who won’t mind his age-appropriate spazz. 

He’s a whole lotta fun and ready for ball chasing, bouncing, pretending to fly and generally being a dork. Because he’s large, he likely won’t be the best bet for apartment life unless you’re a devoted runner. As a pup, he wants to explore and get into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g so will need good leadership to teach him those house rules. Right now, he thinks cats would be fun to chase.

He’s an American Bulldog Mix, and true to his breed, wants to take up the job of guarding your house from potential bad guys. His adopter will need to be understanding of these normal breed traits and ready to manage. 

We’ll get him started with new leash manners, but since our classes are on hold during Covidgeddon, we’re going to be limiting adoption interest to those homes who’ve had some experience with stronger dogs. No dog parks, either. Here’s why. Thanks for understanding.

Please send us a note with a few words about what your looking for in a dog, and we’ll respond with an application. Thank you!

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