NINE Cats – Really?


Celia and her partner Boyd presented us with a challenging application. They were eager to adopt, but they had nine cats at home – Most were feral and skittish. Nine! Oh boy!

We did a good look around to find the right candidate for their situation. Who could imagine that their best match would be a little survivor of the ‘MO/500’ dog fighting operation? (so named because up to 500 dogs were seized from a string of dog fighters in 2009). Winnie had all the right stuff for learning how to be a good girl. After a lengthy foster care period in a home with cats, she earned her way to this wonderful family.

Later, Winnie earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and was joined by Jiggs, another hand selected dog from our adoption program. Their success makes it look so easy, but in reality we have to credit a combination of winning pieces including: Knowing each dog’s personality well, readying them with obedience foundation skills, helping their humans get prepared and supporting them until the household finds its rhythm. Seeing this family enjoy a long happy life together has been the best reward we can ask for.

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