Mila! / Adopted!

kThis lovely girl is just a pup,1yo give or take. Yes! That’s fuzzy hair around her ears. It’s adorable. Her litter mates have come back with 100% American Bully DNA results, so she could be a mix with a different daddy – or she could be a full breed outlier who won the lottery with a recessive ‘long haired’ gene. It happens!

Either full breed or mix, she’s just the cutest thing. Mila is petite, spirited, highly affectionate and good with dogs. She’s just playing catch-up with her big girl manners, and is learning quickly how to be a polite pup … She learned how to ‘Sit,’ ‘Wait,’ hold eye contact (it’s how our dogs ask for permission) and keep her four busy paws on the floor – ‘No jumping, Mila!’ See her in her very first training class.  She blew our socks off! These classes are free for all our adopters.

Do you like her style? Let us know by sending a little message and we’ll respond with an application.


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