ADOPTED! // Congrats to Max on his new home. Boat Dog!


Max is just a teenager at about one year old. He’s affectionateconnected, full of enthusiasm and drive, and a believer in all things FUN. He’s intelligent, bold, affectionate, athletic and agile.

Medium sized, well suited for homes that enjoy dog sports. His work ethic is top notch and he wants nothing more than to do cool, amazing stuff with his human. 

Rock solid with people incl. strangers, easy to handle, great eye contact, really good impulse control and highly cooperative on leash. Easy to direct and non-reactive to other dogs. He can live with a dog friend if managed properly, but we haven’t found his perfect wrestling play pal yet. 

The flirt pole is his favorite toy, it’s great fun for both of us and it helps tire him out. (We’ll show you how.) Treat motivated, praise motivated, highly responsive to voice commands. 

Great sense of humor in this little stinker. Neutered, UTD, house trained, kennels well. Just a great pup.  His perfect person is going to be someone just like him – Optimistic, silly, always ready for adventure and good times. 

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