LANEY: Adorable, tiny, lap-loving Laney! She’s super connected with people, very obedient and full of soul. Her best play buddies are the boy dogs in our adoption program, and of course the humans who keep her company while she waits for a family of her own to scoop her up.

Laney came from Florida as part of a hurricane relief support, so she’s traveled a long way and waited a long time to find her true home. We can’t wait to find out who those lucky adopters will be. As you can tell from the photos, she’s grateful to have been rescued and ‘gives back’ every single day.

Teach her to twirl? She’ll learn it 10 seconds flat. Obedience drills in exchange for flirt pole fun? Oh my dog, yes. She’s super connected with people and she truly lives to amaze you.


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