Lady Peep


Little Miss Big Personality / Adopted!

Lady Peep is a Shorty Bull, which basically means she was purposefully bred to look like this – short and squatty. She’s seven years old and full of joy and affection. 

She’s on the small side with a big, happy personality and lust for life – but unfortunately she’s handicapped with poorly bred (dysplastic) elbows that don’t work well. She motors around amazingly well, but her new home will need to give her a daily pain pill and avoid prolonged exercise.

Peep currently entertains herself with food puzzles, chew bones, digging around in the garden like a little gremlin and of course, sofa surfing. She’s very comfortable around dogs, but should not be allowed to play with them.

We’re putting out feelers for a special adopter who will love her up and avoid long walks in exchange for pushing Peep around in a stroller or wagon. Stroller Diva!

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