Jonny: Reading Asst.: Adopted

Jonny: Reading Asst.


CGC, ATTS, Reading Assistant /Therapy Dog, Media Darling, GUND Doll Model

With his clownish personality, Jonny has shown up in numerous news pieces and photo essays over the years, including the Rachael Ray Show, PBS Show 'The Dogs Are Alright,' the CBS Early Morning Show, Carol Guzy's WA Post photo essaythe Associated Press photo essayMelissa McDaniel's Photo Book series, and even the cover of Parade Magazine. His adopters Cris Cohen and Jennifer Long described his recovery in detail in Jim Gorant's book The Lost Dogs, and have always made sure he has a new trick to show off for the cameras during his appearances.

dJonny earned his Canine Good Citizen certification, then passed his American Temperament Test exam (ATTS) and went on to become a Reading Assistant dog, settling down next to children to encourage them to read out loud. He brought joy to families at the Family House in San Francisco - a project that houses families whose children are being treated for severe illness at a nearby hospital. 

In 2012, Jonny was selected to be the face of a new stuffed toy developed by celebrated toy manufacturer 'Gund dolls.'

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Jonny reunited with the other Vick dogs