Adoption pending

hJERRY! / Adoption Pending

Jerry is about 3mos old, a male and a mix. We don’t know who his parents were so can only make vague guesses about his breed make-up. American Pit Bull Terrier x Shepherd x ??? It’s going to be an ongoing guessing game until his DNA is tested.

That PERSONALITY, though! He’s a sweet mix of sensitive and connected, silly and rowdy, hopeful and optimistic. He loves the helper dogs here in the program and considers any human his friend. Although he may pee on your feet out of sheer excitement to meet you as well as deference to you.

Typical puppy, he’s not house trained yet, he chews on the wrong stuff (shoes!) and needs to be supervised as well as socialized to the bigger world. Ohmadog, puppies are so sweet but so much non-stop work.

If you think you’re ready for a brave new adventure, please send us a few sentences about your situation and if he seems like he might be a match for you, we’ll shoot you an application.

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