Good Vibes Jabba / ADOPTED

Another very special dog available for adoption. This smiling guy is as happy as they come; highly social and full of good vibes. 3yo in August, he’s 56lbs. 

Jabba is mostly blind and hearing impaired. He sees & listens with his heart, and thankfully his heart is big and full of optimism. He never has a bad day and will follow his people around, asking for hugs every now and again. He’s also fine to wander the yard or room on his own, exploring every detail and remembering where to go to find his toys, water, food. Please see this Instagram post to watch him in action >>> Jabba Motivates

He’s madly in love with people and has shown us that he’s comfortable in the presence of the bigger dogs here, chilling out near them on the lawn or nosing them for friendly greetings thru his kennels walls. He’s just been neutered, so will be ready for play time once he heals up a bit. He kennels well, snores like a lumberjack and is generally a neat and tidy guy. 

Jabba doesn’t need an extra-special home – Just someone who will enjoy him for who he is: A good guy who wants to belong and score some belly rubs. Watch Jabba during his Spa Treatment >>> Jabba Sudsy

Tell us a little bit about yourself by email and we’ll send out an application and chance to rub his big fat head in person. Thank you.

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