Inky Boop / Adopted

Three years old, give or take. Demure, tender hearted and hopeful. Very comfortable with dogs large & small. She’s a dedicated people pleaser and seems to be workable with cats.

We’re still piecing together her rescue story, but we know she was picked up near a rural stray-animal feeding station and surrendered to a high volume county shelter, where overcrowding and head tremors pushed her onto the euthanasia list. After a series of plot twists and confusions, she ended up in our care. Thankfully, those tremors have stopped and a veterinary neurologist has confirmed that she requires no treatment.

Inky loves to give ‘hugs’ and is very eager to bond with her very own human(s). Unexpected things out in the big world can catch her by surprise, so her new home will need to be ready to coach her through scary moments and remind her that she’s safe. The ‘bad days’ of being alone are over.

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