Hector – Vick Dog


Hector – Former Vick Dog – CGC, ATT, Therapy Dog Star / RIP 2014

Hector survived Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels with an amazingly optimistic attitude. Covered in deep and damaging fight scars, he was a celebrated example of a dog who tossed his painful past to the curb to enjoy a new and exciting post-rescue life. Friendly with dogs since we first met him during evaluations in Virginia, throughout his foster care in CA and on into his adoptive home in MN with Clara and Roo Yori.

Hector’s resume was long and impressive (Canine Good Citizen, Certified Therapy Dog, ATTS star). Boasting dozens of media appearances, Hector’s adopters were fully committed to educating people everywhere through his example. This boy has certainly transformed from victim of cruelty to media darling. Visit this page for just some of headlines that brought Hector and his yard mates to America’s living rooms. 

Hector, Uba, Jonny and Frodo in the news.

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