Gurdy – Gifted Healer


Gifted Hospital Dog

Gurdy first came to us as a street stray. She slept so hard when she arrived that we thought she hadn’t slept in days and days … But then we realized she was deaf. No wonder she didn’t hear us coo-ing to her! Gurdy floored us with her delightful personality. Her greetings included running in fast circles ’round and ’round our ankles. Adorable!

We all cheered when she went home to serve as a certified therapy dog with BR alum Salvador. Her adopter Jackie tells us that she does especially good work with teens who find themselves in the psyche ward of a hospital they visit.

When Jackie asks the kids to guess what might be ‘broken’ with Gurdy, they never suspect. And when they learn she’s deaf, the discussion swings to thriving in a big world full of challenges in spite of any personal obstacles. This little darling is the perfect example of that.

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