Fospice Care

A dog with a broken heart

Ghost wants to belong to somebody. His owners suffered a personal tragedy and then lost their housing, so Ghost and housemate dog Rocco were relegated to an animal shelter. We brought them here to see if we could sort out next steps for them.

Rocco (here) is doing just fine while they wait, but Ghost is owner-searching and grieving the loss of his former life. He’s eight years old and a sensitive guy by nature, so the transition from well loved pet to ‘homeless dog’ has been more difficult. He shows us his grief by moping around, picking at his food, howling at the gate and listening closely to every new sound just in case it might be his former owner. 

A few times a day, his happy/silly side peeks out and he bounces like a tiny gazelle, throws himself on his back and kicks at the air or pokes our hands with his nose to say ‘hello.’ 

Ghost is crate trained with good house manners. He accepts dogs and would probably love to have a dog friend in his family again. Rocco and Norton are his current hang-out buddies. His former owners tell us that he’s been fantastic with children, puppies and small dogs too. No cats though. 

We are looking for thoughtful owners who are willing to give Ghost their patience, stability, and affection so he can feel at home again.

UPDATE: Due to Ghost’s ongoing stress and deteriorating condition, his status has been changed to ‘Compassion Hold,’ meaning, we are holding him while his original family works out a way to take him back, if at all possible. 

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