FINN / Adopted

Got a dog who needs a sidekick buddy? You might’ve found him.  Happy dogs make Finn shine. He’ll let just about any dog be the boss – He’s much more comfortable as the follower and loves to play and cuddle with his dog friends.

He’s a very handsome husky/shepherd mix (aka Shepsky) and a teenager at 20mos old. He was raised by a family who lost their house, so his life has been a mix of devotion and later, confusion from not knowing where he belongs or what to do.

Mr. Pleaser. He’s very gentle, affectionate and eager to make his humans happy and he uses his basic obedience skills to win them over. 

To be totally honest, Finn is a Nerd. He loves all his human friends but can be bashful around new people. He leans heavily on his dog friends to tell him how to feel. 

I Can Dance

Active, hopeful and ready to get started with a new family. He’s going to be one of those dogs who bonds deep and heavy in his next home, and he’ll thank his human(s) every single day for finally giving him a place where he belongs. 


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