Sweet Etta: Adopted!

This bouncy, active and lovable pup is about 7mos. She’s SUPER friendly and affectionate to any and all. Now having a blast with EJ and our Helper Dogs while she waits for a home.

Teacher’s Pet! Etta is incredibly eager to learn all the good stuff that will help her earn praise and reward. She’s aced her lessons in ‘Sit’ ‘Look’ and that all important ‘Wait.’ Aced them as in, learned in a couple minutes flat and now repeats them whenever she wants to impress and get your praise, which is all. the. time. 

Lots of good energy, lots of laughs. House trained, spayed and all the good stuff. We love this puppy and know you will too.

Please send a note to tell us what you’re looking for in a dog and we’ll and we’ll respond with an application.

Go Etta!

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