This cute little guy with the radar ears is just about 18mos old, he’s very sweet, FUNNY little man. He’s also been a good playmate with the.pups we have here.

He loves being told what a good boy he is and is eager to learn basic obedience and other fun things that involve belly rubs and treats. Relaxed and happy to be on leash around other dogs – He’s been a surprise star student in our group training classes, too. Go EJ! (NOTE: Group training classes are free for all our adopters.)

EJ hasn’t been out in the world much, so will appreciate a home that’s sensitive to his feelings so he can have a little support for times when things that might seem scary at first (BOOM! – big loud garbage trucks, and other noisy monsters for example). Having a brave dog buddy will be huge for his learning curve, and he currently looks to the pups to show him how to have a good time in brand new situations. He’s really good at reading the room!

We’re happy to accept applications now for EJ. Please send us a little note if you’d like to be considered.

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