Queen Eileen / Needs leg braces

This beautiful girl was chosen to be a play pal for the other dogs at the Rescue Barn, and we were so excited to meet her. She’s as affectionate as they make’em. Funny, cheerful and so eager to connect. Her good manners with small dogs was her golden ticket. What a great Husky!

Sadly, our hearts sank when she hopped off the transport van and started limping. Somehow she hid a debilitating injury for many months while staying at the busy SoCA animal shelter. X-rays revealed that her hips are healthy, but the bones in one of her knees are a mess. Despite her discomfort, Eileen is cheerful and impressively stoic. She loves belly rubs, short walks and the fun of greeting new people.

Our veterinarian believes that the bones at her right knee are so damaged, there’s no real good way to repair them surgically, so we’re budgeting to purchase two leg braces for her – One brace for her right-rear fubar knee, and another for left ‘good’ leg. The plan is to give the job of support to the braces, so Eileen can enjoy walks with more comfort. It’s a first for us and we’re excited to learn from her example. Stay tuned for updates as we sort out next steps.



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