Puppy Brain / Adopted!

Doug is just 7-8mos old and dedicated to the art of being a ding-dong.

He’s going to be a bigger dog, but half of his size is fluff. He’s dog social and he thinks people are the best thing ever invented. 

He’s got the start of manners, although patience is not his strong suit. He’s going to require a decent amount of run around exercise every day. It would be fantastic to see him go home with another dog or two or three. 

Doug appears to be a Great Pyrenees / Husky Mix. He adores people and loves hanging out at their feet or begging for attention, but he’s likely from working stock, so not a city dog and definitely not an apartment dog. He’s crate trained, but can be vocal when he wants to mosh with his friends outside. His best home would be somewhere where he can bomb around outdoors most of the day. 

With those good looks, we know he’s going to be wildly popular, but we’re going to hold out for that home that can set good boundaries and still feed his love for wild times. Could it be you?

Send us a message outlining your life style. Who knows? Maybe you’re a match!

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