Darling Dori / Adopted!

This 9-10mos old tiny-sized vixen is full of fun. Dori love love loooves people. We don’t know what her lineage is, but she looks and acts a whole lot like a real deal American Pit Bull Terrier – our favorite flavor! 

Happy to play with other well matched dogs. We’d love to see her go home to live with a male dog. Probably no small dogs, unless they’re bossy and can put Dori in her place when she gets too excitable and bouncy. 

Are you familiar with the Nothing In Life is Free style of helping dogs learn their manners? She’s eager to please but needs the usual amount of rules and management that you’d expect to give an adolescent dog with terrier tendencies. She’s so incredibly cute and vivacious. A Pit Bull fan’s dream dog.

Please write to request an application. Thank you!

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