Dexter: Horse Dog


Can you help me find a horse-friendly dog?

We love getting this question because horse people tend to be some of the best dog handlers we meet. And they live exciting lives, full of good adventure for active dogs. 

Dexter’s wanna-be adopter was hopeful that we might have the right dog for her, and so were we. Her 15yo quarter horse ‘Pumpkin’ has an important job as an equine therapy dog, and it was important that an adopted dog have all the right stuff so they could share a peaceable life together. Thankfully, Dexter passed his ‘horse test’ with flying colors and is now a steady fixture at the stables.

Special needs placements including families with livestock or multi-dogs or cats are a mainstay in our work. Since dogs are individuals, of course some are better suited for these matches than others. We enjoy learning the ins & outs of each dog we bring into our adoption program and are always happy when special situations present themselves so we can flex our matchmaking muscles. 

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