Casey Jones



Young Casey Jones suffered a break in his wrist from some unknown misadventure. Thankfully, his vet tells us he’s healing so well with a splint that surgery can be avoided – YAY! He’ll be laid up through July, but is doing well and is open to a foster-to-adopt situation to the right home.

He’s about one year old and quite an easy keeper. Especially friendly, dorkish, warmly affectionate and eager to please. He’s ‘dog-flirtatious’ although he had not played with dogs yet for obvious reasons so we can’t describe his play style yet. He’s a mix of energetic and snuggly. Because he can’t bounce around on that front leg too much, he’s keeping busy with chew toys and tug games, including the ever-fun spring pole. 

Such a nice boy. He’s going to be a great buddy for some lucky home.

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