Flirty Birdy! / ADOPTED

Birdy’s just about a year old, is playful, full of good vibes and happy mischief. She’s a busy youngster, with age appropriate energy levels and is always looking for a good party. “Who’s got the fun?!” Also big on cuddling — She’s 110% in love with any and all people.
Her play style with dogs is full on “Party, flirty/flirty, let’s go, chase me, I’ll chase you, if you let me, I’ll jump over you, you’re my best toy!” Watch her play style HERE.
Her house manners are very good, she’s house trained, chills out in her kennel like a Nap Queen and really likes obedience work — why? because it’s attention! And of course, she’s just friggin adorable.
Drop us an email and let us know what you’re looking for in a dog and we’ll help you learn if Birdy might be a good match for your wish list.
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