Baby Luke


Things to know about Baby Luke

Hey Now! He’s been ADOPTED WITH BOOTSY! Woot!

bHe’s BIG. Like, 80lbs big. A tall drink of water.

He’s ADORABLE. With a baby-like Softie Boy personality.

He’s sensitive, affectionate and has the warmest smile with tiny eyes that twinkle when you tell him what a good boy he is. “Me? I’m good?

Yes you are, baby boy. Such a good bubba.

He’s a little bit NEEDY. When you leave him in his kennel, he may cry – “Come back!” But you have to. because big boys gotta learn. Boundaries, baby. Boundaries for everyone.


He thinks dogs are fun. And he’s a fair player.

CATS? We’re not sure yet, but we have a good feeling about it and will try to find out.


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