Audie: Agility Star


Audie the Superstar / RIP 2017

Audie earned one of the highest agility honors a dog can have: Preferred Agility Champion. By the time he died in 2017, he had an impressive array of titles: PACH Audie MXP4, MXPB, MJP5, MJPS, PAX, T2BP.

Shy and insecure when he first arrived from M. Vick’s dog fighting operation, Audie had two bad knees and was very timid in strange places and around new people. Adopter Linda Chwistek knew in her gut that he could be an agility star – a skill that would require sound knees as well as a good dose of bravado. But how would they do the impossible? Five years and a lot of work later, Audie’s knees were rebuilt and he became a true contender in agility circles, finishing his Excellent A Preferred Standard Title in Summer 2012. His story inspired the favorite children’s book “Saving Audie” that describes his life’s journey and lessons of rescue, recovery and second chances. His facebook page was managed by ‘Saving Audie’ author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent.

AKC Family Dog Magazine on Audie’s Agility Career

When he wasn’t adding to his ribbon collection, Audie goofed with his housemate dogs in his home in Vallejo CA, – always enjoying his life as a cherished family companion. You came a long way, baby! Shortly after retiring from his illustrious career as an agility star in 2017, Audie passed away in his home with his loving family and housemate dogs. Always remembered, forever loved.

Audie reunited with the other Vick dogs

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