Good Samaritans - Assistance Request Form

simbaYou found a lost dog in NorCA...

You want to help him stay out of the animal shelter and reunite him with his family or - if absolutely necessary - help him find a stable new home. You ROCK. 

In most cases, we can support you with resources and assistance, provided you have followed local laws by first searching for the owners.

Help can include:

  • Promotional assistance
  • Spay/neuter help and some vet care help, depending on need.
  • Support for housing the dog comfortably in your home.
  • Occasionally, we get lucky and can create space for Good Sam dogs in our rescue program. 
  • NOTE: Our Saturday Pit Ed classes are on hold, but we can offer behavior training and support on a case-by-case basis. Visit this page for information on how-to house an unexpected dog in your home: Home Management

Suggestions for your search including your legal obligations are outlined here. 

Photo: Simba was found in East Oakland. More on the Good Sam Program.

Please tell us about your found dog in the form below. We'll respond as quickly as we're able.


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