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insInsurance providers who do not discriminate by breed

Dog owners are encouraged to look for agents who represent these companies for renters and home owner policies. Know of others? Please share your favorite insurance resource.

Allstate for breed neutral policies /// State Farm – Varies by state. /// Federation of Insured Dog Owners, Inc. /// United Services Automobile Association for veterans and families of veterans /// Chubb Group /// Amica /// Auto-Owners Insurance /// Farmer’s Insurance – Varies by state. See below

NEWS: Farmers Insurance has announced that it is no longer writing new policies in California for dogs identified as pit bulls, Rottweilers or so-called ‘wolf hybrids.’ Farmer’s clients in CA should check with their agents to learn when their policy is up for renewal and begin looking for a stand alone dog policy or – preferably – a new, non-discriminatory provider such as State Farm. Farmer’s clients outside of CA are advised to stay alert in the event that their decision to block select dog breed(s) rolls into your home state.

Insurance Provider for Non-Profits – Now rescuers have options

Please Note: Insurance agents from independently run offices are not obligated to sell you a policy. If someone who represents one or more of the parent companies listed here refuses you, keep searching until you find an agent who will work with you. It goes without saying that a dog with a bite history will be much harder to insure, so work to keep your dog’s record clean by being a responsible dog owner.

Listed below are names of agents and carriers who come recommended by our facebook friends. Thanks to all for sharing your favorites!


The mission of F.I.D.O. (Federation of Insured Dog Owners, Inc.) is to provide education and multi-faceted support for animal-focused organizations as well as the general public, relating to the responsibilities of pet ownership. F.I.D.O. is committed to offering a Covered Canine Liability policy to dog owners of all breeds which will ensure the safety of canines, people and other animals. WEBSITE


Independent Insurance Agent Corey R Stich (website) wrote to alert us that ‘Encompass’ has a breed neutral, behavior based policy for dogs. WEBSITE


Einhorn Insurance – Knowledgable brokers who can help you find a policy – Website

Ryan Waggener Carlsbad, CA State Farm – FB Page

James Roberts – Concord CA – State Farm – Webpage

Wally Navrarette – Sacramento, CA – State Farm Website

Stephanie Canessa – Oakland CA – State Farm – Website

Matthew Hills – Hills Insurance Services – Website

Linda Newell – Solano Beach CA – State Farm – Webpage

Julio Martinez – Pittsburg CA – State Farm – Webpage


Michelle Terelak – All State – Sparks NV – Link

Country Financial – WA – Link

Lafayette Home and Auto Insurance – Lafayette CO – Link

PEMCO Insurance – OR – Contact Agent Rachelle Thayer via FullHart Insurance Link


Mary Vail – State Farm – IL – Contact Info

Sherman Insurance – St. Paul MN – Facebook Page

Don Gura – State Farm – IN – Webpage

Beth DeLaForest – Independent Agent – WI – Facebook Page

Corey R Stich – Independent Agent – MN – Webpage “Encompass Insurance not discriminate based on breed, but rather on behavior.”


Lori Hearn – State Farm – MS – Link

Lindsay Mullen – State Farm – Atlanta GA  – Link

Fridrich, Pinson & Rothberg Insurance Agency – Nashville TN – Website

Privett Insurance Group – Knoxville TN – Website

Tim Shrum – State Farm Insurance Agent – Website

Jason Overall – Interactive Insurance Agency of America – Central FL  (407) 732-4633 Ext. 110

Kristy Moffat – Brightway Insurance, The Moffat Agency – FL Website


Terri Wright – State Farm – Maine – Webpage

Ellen Alders – State Farm – Front Royal VA – Webpage

Obrey Insurance Agency – Londonderry NH – Website

North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Group – Website

Debbie Beach Agency – State Farm PA – Webpage

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