Training Classes

We offer reward-based classes to help ‘blocky headed’ dog owners learn fun ways to build a better relationship with their pet. This on-leash class teaches the skills you need to enjoy a calm, focused dog around even the most ‘exciting’ distractions.

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LIMITED ACCESS: Our classes run very full, so we’re currently limiting participation to foster and adopted dogs from BADRAP, dogs who’ve graduated from our Beginners Class, Good Samaritan dogs and dogs who’ve been invited after attending one of our Keep’Em Home outreach events.

Try us! We can make exceptions on a case-by-case for dog owners who are facing a crisis such as Landlord pressures or other compelling obstacles. Contact us to discuss.

BADRAP was a proud recipient of the American Humane Association’s Award for Best Practices in Behavior and Training. Thank you AHA!

Training links to help you understand your dog better:

Keep'Em Home. Because every dog owner needs a little support at times.
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