Spay/Neuter Request Form

kissWe are currently offering a limited number of free and pay-what-you-can spay/neuter surgeries to dogs identified as ‘pit bulls’ in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (CA). Most surgeries are done at BADRAP’s health clinics. Up to a $650 value.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you when we have openings. We strongly encourage you to put yourself on other Wait Lists as well. If we can fill your request, we’ll share dates for our next on-site surgery event or we’ll provide you with a voucher to one of our partner veterinarians. If you get a voucher, you arrange the appointment and agree to get your dog to the clinic on time and to follow proper after-care instructions as supplied by vet staff. BADRAP pays the bill for approved procedures (only).

NEED FASTER HELP? For a pregnant dog or other emergency, please text: 510-414-6461

Our resources for this project are limited and there may be situations where we are unable to help. In that event, we’ll do what we can to point you to other options. Vouchers cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries only. The cost of additional procedures are the responsibility of the dog owner. Rescue Groups: Unfortunately we do not have the resources to cover your foster dogs at this time.

Questions? Check our FAQ.

Key Providers: Dr. Carl Jameson, Dr. Carl Singer, VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital Oakland, CA.


Please put yourself on ALL the clinic wait lists to increase your chances of finding help. We typically respond within two weeks. Thank you!

Is your dog is in heat or pregnant? (Dogs in heat or pregnant will not be refused) / ¿Está sangrando tu perro o está preñado?
Vaccines: what does your dog need? / Vacunas: ¿qué necesita tu perro?
We us a 'pay what you can' honor system. You do not have to prove your income and no one is turned away for lack of funds. We rely on donations to run this program, so THANK YOU for giving what you can.
Keep'Em Home. Because every dog owner needs a little support at times.
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